South America


Hunting in Peru

It is one of new hunting destination. Here you can hunt Mountain WhiteTail Deer and several other  animals. It is possible shoot ducks as well. For sure this hunt will like mountain hunters. Season for Deer From May 1 to  November 30th.


Hunting in Bolivia

Bolivia one of the best place for dove and pigeon hunting. Minimum a day you will be able make 2000 shoots!!! Just come in right time! Accommodation in very comfortable rancho. Hunting duration is from 3 to 5 days. Season from April 15 to October 20.

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Hunting in Argentina

Hunting in Argentina is something you will never forget. Hunting is conducted in3 ranchos near La pampa. Ranchos are very amazing and comfortable. In Argentina you can get following animals: red deer stags, puma and wild boar. Besides we offer you to hunt: axis deer, mouflon, water buffaloes, blackbucks, fallowdeer, dorset & multi horned rams, scottish black face rams, peccary and wild goats. as well. In driven hunt which is carried out with dogs you will have chance to get a wild boar by knife. We organize also wing shooting hunt in Argentina for: doves, pigeons, perdiz and waterfowling birds. Duration of hunting: usually 5 days.


Hunting in Uruguay

In South America we have several countries where is paradise of wingshooting and one of this place is Uruguay. Here you will find 5* service and million birds like: ducks, perdiz, doves, pigeons + golden Dorado fishing. Hunting season starts in May till December, but all depends what birds you wish to hunt.  Group can consist of 4 to 12 hunters. Hunting duration from 4 days and more.