North America


Hunting in Mexico

In Sonora you will be able hunt Desert Big Horn Sheep Mule Deer, Coues Deer & Goulds Turkey. Mexico is really fantastic place for hunting. Just select your object of hunting and ask me about it.

Name Hunting in Canada

Hunters from all over the world are attracted by boundless scope of Canada, its nature as well as fauna. Around the British Columbia we organize hunting on Stone sheep and black-tailed deer and in the island Victoria and Quebec-on Muskox and Caribou In the north-west of Hudson Bay as well as in the Baffin island you will have an opportunity to get a Polar bear In the north-west territories we offer a mixed hunting on Dall sheep, Moose, caribou, Mountain Goat и black bear
Accommodation: tents and hunting lodges.
Duration of hunting: 6-12 days (depending on hunting object)

Dall sheep Alaska.jpg

Hunting in Alaska

Incredible nature and interesting trophies are waiting you in Alaska. Hunting is organized to the north from mountain Ileamna. Here you can get “Inland Mountain Grizzlies”, Moose as well as American black bear and wolf. The most popular hunting animal is on Brown bear We offer hunting on Dall sheep to lovers of гонной hunting.
Accommodation: comfortable, modern tents with all necessary facilities.
Duration of hunting: 8-10 days.


Hunting in USA

Everybody is used to consider that American hunters hunt all over the world. Bu we must not forget that a very interesting hunting is organized in US as well. You can get there Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope Combo, Whitetail, Mountain Lion, Buffalo (Bison) и and Black Bear
Hunting area: basically state Montana.
Accommodation: comfortable, modern tents with all necessary facilities.
Duration of hunting: 3-6 days.


Hunting in Greenland

I consider Greenland is a very exotic place on the planet. It is a paradise for hunters as well as for those who love to fish an Arctic trout. Here we offer you to get Muskox and Reindeer. These mysterious animals live far from a civilized world. You will remember your hunting for a long time. Mixed hunting on Muskox and Reindeer is conducted in Kakartok and separate one on Muskox – in Kangarlussuaga not far form Ivoggut.
Accommodation: hunting camp situated in Isortoc or hotels in villages Narsak and Kakartok. We also have several hunting lodges in different places. You can be settled in camping as well but in this case there must be 4 (or more) hunters in a group.
Duration of hunting: 5-7 days.